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Integrated solutions to automate processes and optimize results.

We develop technological features to automate processes, improve the performance of your teams and optimize results. We create solutions that boost the growth of your business.

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Software Solutions 1 01
Software Solutions

We develop solutions to connect various sectors of your business - Management, Administration, Finance, Logistics, Marketing and Sales. We integrate work tools into your company's digital ecosystem, from Website and E-Commerce Solutions, CRMs, ERPs and other software, to create optimized information flows and improve your business's performance.

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B2B & B2C Platforms 0 02
B2B & B2C Platforms

Turn your website and e-commerce into a specialized business platform. Give your customers and partners tools to monitor and track the status of their orders and manage all the activities related to your company.

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Mobility Solutions 0 03
Mobility Solutions

We develop iOS and Android mobile APPs to complete your company's digital ecosystem to strengthen and boost contact points with your customers, or ensure quality tools for teams to work on the move. We enhance integration with IoT tools for efficient data collection and monitoring.

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IT Consulting 0 04
IT Consulting

Identify strategies to develop the right technological solution for your business. We go beyond implementing tools, software or systems and ensure that our partners' digital transition is monitored. We train teams and help change work processes to maximize your results.

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01. Transform your business for you, to your customer 3 Lead Onboarding Automatic integration of leads and customers throughout your company's ecosystem, for a faster and more effective response.
02. Insights for better decisions 3 Automatic Stock Update Your e-commerce integrated with your company's ERP allows you to keep information up to date and minimize logistical failures.
03. Improve the way you work, effortlessly 3 Comercial Process Automation With Smart Sales technology, your teams are always up to date, guaranteeing superior support for your partners and customers.
04. Soluções de Escalabilidade 1 Behavior patterns Identify patterns on your customers' behaviors on your website or online store and bring your offer closer to the clients' needs.
05. Crescimento e Escalabilidade 1 Growth and Scalability Manage data, processes and teams via automated processes and leave obsolete tasks aside. Make use of your time and resources to make your business grow!
06. Gestão Centralizada 1 Centralized management Easy access to relevant information in one place, allowing total control over business management, safely.
07. Agilidade no tratamento de informação 1 Agility in processing information Learning models cross-reference data from various sources, analyze and monitor operations autonomously.
08. Cloud Business Environment 0 Cloud Business Environment Synchronize information between different technological resources to reduce the risk of failures and improves the productivity of your teams.
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Comissão Vitivinícola Regional do Dão
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We take your business to the next level. See how:

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The business world has changed. Change the way you work too.

The change from an obsolete manual work method to the use of servers and software that work for you, results in a greater capacity to monitor your business and the market, allows you to optimise time and make better decisions that meet the needs of your business and customers.

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Change is made from the inside out. Transform the mindset of your teams.

The key to successfully digitalising your business lies in the structural change of the company. With simpler and more efficient operational processes, the integration of different sectors is possible and essential for a faster information flow and increased productivity.

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Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 3 Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 4
Business Automation We create and integrate software. We automate processes and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and efficiency.
Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 3 Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 4
Performance & Management Access to relevant information and data, quickly and effectively, for an immediate and secure response.
Machine Learning  and Big Data 3 Machine Learning  and Big Data 4
e-Commerce We develop and implement B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms that sell 24/7.
Aplicações multimédia 3 Aplicações multimédia 4
Multimedia Applications We develop tailor-made multimedia solutions that bring your space to life.

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Process Automation: Greater business productivity Process automation consists in eliminating repetitive manual tasks - to a lesser or greater degree - from teams on a daily basis. Therefore, it is the conversion of something existing and performed manually allied to technology as a way to improve, optimize, and make processes free of human error.
Will AI tools replace humans? 0
Will AI tools replace humans? Artificial intelligence or AI is primarily about creating systems that mimic human intelligence, such as the ability to think, learn, make decisions, perform tasks, and solve problems.
Business Automation: Why should you automate your business processes? 0
Business Automation: Why should you automate your business processes? By automating processes in departments, manpower can be allocated to more strategic and higher-value tasks while the consistency and rigor of operations is ensured.
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